André Bourgeois
Executive Director

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André has a Masters degree in music, a PhD in communications, as well as a PhD in language sciences. Having worked extensively in education, research and community development, his projects have allowed him to live and work in Italy, Brazil and France. Having recently returned to Moncton, this enthusiast of art, history and heritage is happy to have found his place at the head of MR21. 

Simon LeBlanc
Development Assistant

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Simon LeBlanc is an artist and cultural worker from Dieppe, New Brunswick. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in multidisciplinary Arts. An active member of Moncton’s music community, Simon has worked for severalcultural organizations.  
Sébastien Losier

A bachelor in technology, information and leadership, Sebastien is interested in new technologies. He recently began a second university program to become a social worker. In his work experience, he’s discovered a passion for help and support. 

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Luc is in his third year of a bachelor’s degree in music. With a passion for the saxophone, he hopes to continue his studies by enrolling in a master's degree after graduating from UdeM. Wanting to know more about his Acadian background, he found the MR21.
Guide and researcher

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Bachelor of philosophy/political science, P-H is a kitchen intellectual with a constant and eclectic curiosity : from humanities to hard science and a few crafts in between. He hopes to enrich the MR21 experience with a particular attention to forgotten people and things.
Josée Thériault

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A history student at the University of Moncton, Josée is very interested in the discipline of art history. During her university experience, she discovered a passion for research and working as a guide. The MR21 allowed her to combine those two passions. 
Emily Titus

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Emily is currently working on her bachelor’s degree in Leadership and Philosophy at the University of New Brunswick. Having worked as an Adventure Guide previously, she is ready to share her knowledge. She adores playing a role in creating memorable experiences for our guests and being able to share the history and beauty of the cathedral. 
As a B.A.A. Marketing student at the Université de Moncton, Wossô became interested in the MR21 as she wanted to learn more about this building that she had often noticed during her downtown excursions. It is in this setting that she learned about the enriching history of Acadie and its people. She also got to discover the interior of this architectural beauty, rich in art and noble materials. The challenge for her today would be to develop the attractiveness of this monument thanks to her marketing knowledge that combines creativity and analytical methods.