Ismet Baba-Moussa

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After embarking on a career as an engineer during which he had a rewarding experience in the oilfields, Ismet changed course to focus on what he truly enjoys: the study of language. He is now following a linguistics program at the Université de Moncton. Proudly Francophone and a convinced acadianophile, Ismet wishes to participate in the cultural development of Acadia.
Sébastien Losier

A bachelor in technology, information and leadership, Sebastien is interested in new technologies. He recently began a second university program to become a social worker. In his work experience, he’s discovered a passion for help and support. 
PH Marquis
Guide and researcher

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Bachelor of philosophy/political science, P-H is a kitchen intellectual with a constant and eclectic curiosity : from humanities to hard science and a few crafts in between. He hopes to enrich the MR21 experience with a particular attention to forgotten people and things.