80 years ago, masons from the Shediac based Smith Quarry completed their work on the cathedral's stone capitals. Many works inside the cathedral were made by European artisans, but these sculptures were done by local artisans!

What do the white marble statues in the Moncton cathedral have in common with the Tower of Pisa and Michelangelo's David? They were all sculpted in marble from the same famous quarry in Carrara, Italy!😮
On an early sketch for the Moncton cathedral, we see an elegant gothic revival structure, quite different from the church that was eventually built. The idea of finally going with a modern skyscraper-like silhouette was actually pretty audacious!

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The Monument for Recognition in The 21st Century is a new interpretation centre situated in the Notre-Dame de l’Assomption cathedral in downtown Moncton. 

Volunteers will guide visitors in their exploration of this incredible historical site which has received a high-tech twist.

An information guide will be given to each volunteer and orientation will be offered by MR21
 staff. If you are interested in this exciting opportunity, please fill out this form:

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For more informations: 506-800-3194 or email