A Project that Brings the Community Together

The construction of the Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption Cathedral brought about the mobilisation of many actors. Their stories are really worth telling.

First and foremost, it was Archbishop Monseigneur Louis Joseph Arthur Melanson who brought the Acadian community together in order to achieve this large-scale project. This visionary leader’s story is told with color and emotion in the new immersive 360° projection in the church chapel.

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A Storytelling Building

The Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption Cathedral is an extraordinary storyteller! The details of its architecture bring together and interpret a fascinating collection of epic, biblical and historical stories.

Among these tales, three narrative orientations are totally unique to this Cathedral. First of all, an important place is awarded to women of the Bible, as the nave’s stained glass mosaics are dedicated to them exclusively. Then a special role is given to First Nations, to which two large mosaics are dedicated. This is particularly rare for a church. Finally, the Cathedral’s details propose an interpretation of important episodes of Acadian history. They also make numerous allusions to the local society’s dominant industries (transportation, fishery, agriculture, etc.) Testimonies of the local culture and history are thus immortalized in the nave’s two largest stained glass mosaics and the stone capitals above the church’s columns.

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Our employees
André Bourgeois
Executive Director

André has a Masters degree in music, a PhD in communications, as well as a PhD in language sciences. Having worked extensively in education, research and community development, his projects have allowed him to live and work in Italy, Brazil and France. Having recently returned to Moncton, this enthusiast of art, history and heritage is happy to have found his place at the head of MR21.


Cheyda Haramein

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“Passionate about communication, I've been a telecommunications technician, library clerk and a French tutor on Skype. In 2008, Bouton d'or Acadie published my first youth novel (Le porteur de rêves), which led me to become an author / facilitator.
And the gaze of a wild dolphin led me on the storytelling path.
At this stage of my life, it will be a great pleasure to give voice to the stones of the Moncton Cathedral!”


Sébastien Losier


A bachelor in technology, information and leadership, Sebastien is interested in new technologies. He recently began a second university program to become a social worker. In his work experience, he’s discovered a passion for help and support.

Myriam Vaudry

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Myriam has a bachelors degree in theatre and likes directing videos. In addition to this, she plays an important role in office logistics and project organization.