Immersive 360° Projection

In the cathedral chapel, visitors are sent on an immersive and captivating historical journey where they discover the exceptional life and achievements of Monseigneur Melanson, as well as the important role he played in the Acadian enlightenment.
The 25 minute show is both intimate and impressive, making use of music, voices, spatialized sound effects, lighting and projections that make use of many surfaces thanks to 3D mapping

Visitors will leave the experience inspired, informed, grateful and appreciative.

AM bucheron2x
CM2 8609 Pano 1
spectable immersif restigouche

Decrypted Stained Glass Mosaics

Visitors can manipulate giant screens that allow them to decode the historical and symbolic signification of the large stained glass mosaics in front of them. The mosaics can be navigated one illustration at a time, much like a comic book. These magnificent stained glass mosaics represent the civil history of Acadians on the west side of the church, and the religious history of Acadians on the east.