The Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption Cathedral is a unique and imposing building of great historical, artistic and heritage importance. Its heritage value is linked to the scale of the architectural project itself, to its incorporation of extraordinarily eclectic architectural styles, and especially to the important place the building occupies in the history of the Acadian people.

Moncton is the urban heart of Acadie. The construction of the Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption was the first audacious gesture through which Moncton’s Acadian community asserted itself and claimed its place in the urban life of its time. This specifically North-American flavor of modern urbanity is expressed in the architectural details of the building. Like New-York’s Empire State Building or Los Angeles’ City Hall, the Cathedral soars towards the sky in true skyscraper form - the only one of its kind in Atlantic Canada - a real architectural testimony to its time period. The exterior exhibits numerous splendid examples or Art Deco influenced sculptures, much like the ones that appeared in many American urban centers in the early 20th century. Other elements, borrowed from neo-gothic, romanesque revival and even byzantine architecture, remind us that the Cathedral has its place in the far reaching traditions of western religious architecture.

Artistic heritage

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