Is parking offered for visitors?

Yes, the parking of the cathedral is available free of charge for the visitors of MR21.

Is MR21 accessible for visitors with reduced mobility?

Yes, all our installations, as well as our bathrooms, are accessible for people with reduced mobility, and we have a wheelchair on hand if needed.

Is the content of MR21 available in the two official languages?

Yes, all our content is offered in French and English. The guided visits are also offered in French and English.

Is the content of the expositions enjoyable for non-Acadian visitors?

Yes, the MR21 explores a little-known part of Acadia’s history, and the museum is directed towards all that have an interest in history and heritage buildings. The history of the city of Moncton is also explored in our content.

Are guided visits available?

Yes, the admission to the interpretation center includes a guided visit in the official language of your choice.

How long are the visits?

An average guided visit takes between 40 and 60 minutes, including our 25-minute immersive projection. Feel free to explore the building longer if you would like.

Do we need to make a reservation to enjoy a guided visit?

No, there is no need to make a reservation. You can present yourself at our ticket office and a guide will be happy to accompany you through the cathedral.

What is an immersive projection?

The chapel of the cathedral has been transformed into a screening room where 10 projectors light up the surfaces surrounding you. Follow the origin of the cathedral in a movie that blends pictures from archives, animation techniques and recently shot footage.

What is a Numeric Cathedral?

Our Lady of the Assumption Cathedral is a Numeric Cathedral since it contains many digital installations at the highest of today’s technology that allow us to learn about the cathedral and those responsible for its existence. Two big interactive screens allow us to unravel the meaning of our stained glasses and an immersive projection tells the story of the cathedral and the Monctonian community.

What payment methods are available?

At this moment, we accept Interac, credit cards and cash. It is also possible to buy tickets in advance on our online ticket booth (

Is it possible to buy gift cards?

Yes, we offer the purchase of gift certificates at the price of your choice.

Do you accept the Downtown Moncton gift cards?

Yes, you can pay with the Downtown Moncton gift card.

Are you affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church?

No, MR21 is a secular non-profit organization. We have an understanding with the Moncton Catholic archdiocese for the sharing of the space.

Is the content of the visit religious?

The visit focuses primarily on the patrimonial and historical aspects of the building, its artworks, and those responsible for the construction of said cathedral. We also analyse the religious artworks and artefacts of the building.

Do I need to be catholic to visit MR21?

No, the content is for all that are interested about heritage and history.

If I have a question about religious services being offered in the cathedral, who must I contact?

You can contact the archdiocese of Moncton by composing the (506) 857-9531 or visiting their website:

Do you sell products at your boutique?

Yes, we offer many Acadian books, souvenirs, and a variety of other products.