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Now open on Saturday from 10:30 am to 5 pm!With a 24 hours notice, you can also send an email to info@mr21.ca to book a visit with a small group outside our opening hours.

The Monument for Recognition in the 21st century is an interpretation center located in the only digital cathedral in Atlantic Canada: the Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption cathedral in Moncton. Run by a secular non-profit organisation, its original content should interest all visitors wishing to discover this New-Brunswick heritage gem and learn about an often overlooked facet of Acadian history. The center’s scenography makes use of cutting edge technology that offers visitors an experience of total, emotional and autonomous immersion. The learning experience is entertaining, intense and authentic. Are you ready to discover this treasure?
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Do you have questions before your visit?

  • A Visit From the King

    01 August 2020

    Did you know the cathedral cornerstone contains a coin honouring the day when King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (the late Queen Mother) visited Moncton in 1939? 

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  • The sea and the cathedral

    11 July 2020

    The cathedral’s works of art make very numerous references to the sea. The artisans were instructed to create works that honored the trades of the fishing industry, which is very important in the region.

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  • Agriculture and the cathedral

    11 July 2020

    Agriculture is very important in the region. Many references to the trades of this industry can be found in the cathedral’s architectural details.

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